About Us

A Letter from Our Founder

In order to give this a good representation – I must tell you the story of how I got here. I started in sales in the computer products industry in 1985 at Daisytek in Dallas Texas. They were a wholesaler selling computer supplies to dealer channel across the country. After initially not being very good at the “sales game” when talking to potential new customers, I started just being myself. I would help them find the product they could not find and make sure their orders shipped promptly. Very quickly I became the top producer at Daisytek and was asked to go to New Jersey to pioneer a new branch for the company. I married my wife in 1986 and she came with 2 boys, ages 12 and 10. I took the new position and moved my family to New Jersey in 1987 with an ultimate goal of owning my own small business in the computer products market. In the summer of 1988 we moved to Atlanta in pursuit of that goal. I didn’t have any money to finance that venture so I worked for another dealer for 14 years and managed to generate some equity by buying houses. I bought our first house in 1990 and then bought another house in 1997 and kept the first one as a rental property. In 2002, I was able to borrow money on both houses and that’s how I generated the initial capital to finance Nelson Business Products.

When I started working in Atlanta, I was an expert at computer supplies, ribbons, toner and media from my experience at Daisytek. Those were the commodities I was getting in the door with for new clients. As I would get to know a client, I was always looking for new opportunities and that meant helping them with solutions to their business challenges. I found I had a gift of being able to understand their needs and coming up with ways to help them. I was always resourceful and reliable and this led to building long term relationships with them. I would usually work with the IT department or purchasing department. I would qualify the need and then help to make sure the solution fit the client’s need. I would always put the client’s needs first and make sure the end solution performed to the satisfaction of my client. I would rarely say no to a new request. This has led to me now being very resourceful to most any need used in an office, data center or warehouse.

- William R. Nelson

About Nelson Business Products

Nelson Business Products was founded in 2002 and operates out of Lawrenceville, GA servicing businesses, schools, and government entities in the Atlanta metro area. While our local customers remain a primary focus for our company, over the years NBP has developed an extensive network of manufacturers and distributors that has enabled us to meet needs of customers across the country and in Mexico.


What do we do?

Simply put - anything and everything our customers ask of us. In two decades of operation, we have accumulated extensive experience supporting our customers with everything from basic office supplies to large-scale projects. This includes, but is certainly not limited to, 24-Hour delivery of immediate office needs such as pens/paper/etc… to managing the installation of large-scale projects like IT infrastructure, TV’s for digital signage, sound systems, office furniture, and much much more. Regardless of your organization’s need, we will do our best to help you find the right product to meet it. The only thing we will *not* do is tell a customer “We can’t help you with that.”


What is our Approach?

As is the case with many companies, our goal is to provide an exceptional customer service experience for each and every client. The difference is in how we go about achieving our goal. As a small business competing with the goliaths, we have to add value to everything we do to gain a competitive edge. This means many things. It starts with answering every call with a live person and answering every email promptly and continues by giving each client the proper attention to ensure the product provided will work for their application. NBP is responsive and agile, operating as a team on the inside to get orders processed into our system quickly and employing two drivers on the road full time – so we can make quick, personal deliveries. Most all orders are delivered the next day. We even perform same day delivery of mission critical product almost every day. Most all orders are delivered the next day. We even perform same day delivery of mission critical product almost every day.


What now?

Once your needs are identified and addressed, we support the product. If help is needed getting something deployed – we either provide that help or get help from the manufacturer. If something is defective or damaged – we replace it as fast as possible. If something needs to be returned for pretty much any reason – we are going to help make that happen. Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. That’s how we provide the exceptional customer service experience that sets Nelson Business Products apart.

We Are Here To Help

  • GSA Certified by Plantronics
  • We supply over 25,000 products from over 400 manufactures.
  • Solutions for all your DVD and CD replicating needs.
  • Computer equipment, electronic and software supplier.
  • Locally Owned and operated.
  • Next day shipping on most items.

Contact Us Today

Our Address:
1775 Spectrum Drive
Building 2, Suite A
Lawrenceville, GA  30043
Phone: 770-338-1780
Fax:  770-338-1831
Hours of Operation:
Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm


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